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About South Africa

The Rainbow Nation

South Africa is one of the most diverse and enchanting countries in the world. Exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history and culture offer the traveler a unique and inspiring experience. South Africa is a mix of third and first world cultures – along with the best and least crowded beaches in the world. Throw in wildlife parks such as the The Kruger National Park, Eight World Heritage Sites, beautiful natural scenery, a great infrastructure and a stable post-apartheid environment and you have a great experience waiting to happen.

about south africa

People of South Africa

We have an energetic blend of various societies. We have 11 official dialects including Zulu, Xhosa, Sepedi, Tswane, Venda, Ndebele, Sotho, English, Afrikaans, Siswati, Tsonga. Be that as it may, don’t stress for the most part as everyone can talk and comprehend English, so you won’t experience any difficulty in communicating!

South Africa has a populace of 44.8 million

The people of South Africa have an awesome affection for music and singing. There is a prominent hypothesis that if a mother carries an infant on her back, the infant’s head is pushed up right against the mother’s back, and he/she hears the relentless beat of the moms heart. This builds up a child’s normal rhythm and tune capacities.

An African man can have more then one spouse, contingent upon whether he can bear the cost of it or not. At the point when a man needs to wed a woman, their parents get together and examine the amount he will pay for her. This is called Labola. Customarily men pay for their significant other with cows. The average woman is worth about 10 cows. On the off chance that the bride to be learned at University, she might be worth more than 25 cows.


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Food of South Africa

People in South Africa cherish their braai’s (Barbeques) and are energetic about how it ought to be done, so be cautioned and don’t meddle with a South African man and his braai! There are numerous delicious, traditional South African foods available. The most well known of these is presumably biltong, which is segments of dried meat which come in different flavor and sorts. Potjiekos is a heavenly gradually cooked meat and vegetable stew, which is customarily cooked over an open flame. Mielie Pap, a stiff corn meal blend, is a staple sustenance of South Africa. Boerewors, a fiery wiener quite often cooked on the braai. Bobotie is a well known Afrikaans mild Malay curry and rice dish. For those with a sweet tooth, melktert (milk tart) and koeksisters are sweet and scrumptious baked treats.
There are also chicken feet and heads to please your faculties, and on the off chance that you favor the frightening little animal side of life you can attempt another delicacy, the Mopani Worm.

Despite the fact that there are numerous South African unconventional meals, you will likewise discover Chinese eateries, Indian eateries, Fish and Chip Shops, Sushi Bars and numerous other more standard restaurants. So don’t stress if Kudu and Crocodile are not to your taste, everybody is provided for in South Africa

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South Africa is most renowned for the BIG 5-including the Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard. However, untamed life is not just about the BIG 5, we additionally have a ton of intriguing eland including the Kudu, Impala and Waterbuck. We also have Zebra’s, Wildebeests and Giraffes. Giraffes, are truly stunning to see up close, they have long tongues which they use to eat the leaves off the highest point of tall African Accacia trees.

Obviously the little creatures are continually scouraging around. Warthogs and meerkats are frequently found in the brambles. Monkeys are copious and exciting to watch as they hop around the trees and play, but protect your food for monkeys have been known destroy breakfast buffets by grabbing food right off your plate.

We additionally have a variety of interesting feathered species. Lilac breasted rollers are by far one of our prettiest animals with their variety of brilliant hues. The dim loeries with their mohawks and the yellow charged hornbills with long yellow beaks.

Whether you are a flying animal watcher, an entomologist or are simply intrigued by the Big felines, South Africa is a flawless Safari destination. All tour visits incorporate abundant chances to appreciate a day or half day safari in one of our National Parks. You can likewise enhance your visit with a 3-4 day safari in the Kruger National park.

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Medical Care

We have both Government and Private hospitals all through South Africa that are World Class. Chris Barnard, a South African Doctor played out the world’s first Open Heart Transplant in Cape Town’s Grootte Schuur Hospital in 1967. We suggest that you utilize the Private hospitals as the doctor’s facilities are typically short staffed and full in public hospitals.  As Wild Hogs Tours protection just covers the motorcycles and third parties, it is vital that you take out travel protection to take care of the expense of your own medicinal care and specialists/clinics in South Africa

South Africa has great emergency rescue including Netcare 911 who has an armada of helicopters and ambulances for medical evacuation. These services are not free so ensure that you have adequate medical aid coverage to take care of your costs in case of a crisis

When taking out medicinal protection for your excursion please take note that often the credit Card insurance you get when booking your flight is not adequate. You should buy medical insurance on top of your credit card insurance. Ensure that your travel protection covers motorcycle riding and that you have evacuation and medical rescue cover. Make sure that your insurer gives you a policy number and a telephone number that we can call should there be any crisis

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South African Money

The currency in South Africa is known as the Rand and is represented with a “R”. One rand is separated into one hundred cents.

We as of now have 5 distinctive cash notes set apart with the characteristics of the Big Five: R10 Rhino, R20 elephant, R50 Lion, R100 Buffalo and R200 Leopard.

Cash in South Africa is made effortlessly accessible through ATM’S (Cash machines) and most developed establishments have Visa facilities.

The best cash to go with in South Africa is The South African Rand (Dollars are not acknowledged) Do not stress in the event that you don’t have “Rands” as there are foreign exchange offices all through South Africa and at all International Airports.

Banks are typically open between 9 AM AND 3:30 PM from Monday to Friday and Saturdays between 9 and 11AM. Feel free to check the latest exchange rate using our currency converter at the bottom of of our website. Please note that the South African Rand is abbreviated as “ZAR” internationally.

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Crime and safety

In South Africa we drive on the left half of the Road. Always try to remember- KEEP LEFT, OVERTAKE RIGHT. The South African freeway speed limit is 120 km/h. On main roads it is normally 100km/h and in urban areas 60km/h. Going over the speed limit is illegal and you might be fined for speeding. There are clear visible speed limit signs all throughout the country.

Tips for driving in South Africa:

Keep to the speed limit
Keep Left
Give way to oncoming traffic when making a right turn.
Watch out for pedestrians, stray animals and potholes.
Do not drive at night if possible.
Mini buses (Taxis) are sometimes not in very good condition. At times they pull off the road suddenly, without warning or indication, to pick up passengers- so watch out for them.

South Africa is for the most part a protected nation, similar to all different nations where travelers visit, there is crime, yet with a touch of judgment and by taking precautions, your stay in South Africa ought to be trouble free.

When you are in the streets you may be approached by beggars, often young children sent out by their parents, or people selling goods. If this attention is unwanted, a firmly spoken ‘No’ and continuing to walk on will usually suffice. It is never advisable to go into unlit or deserted streets, during the day or at night. Avoid unnecessary displays of expensive jewelry, cameras and other valuable items, and do not carry around large amounts of money. Keep your handbag close to your body and do not keep all of your money or keys inside it, instead keep some items in your pocket. If you get into an unwanted situation shout “fire!”


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Home to the Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga means “Place of the Rising Sun” and is known to motorcyclists all through South Africa as “bikers paradise” on account of its lovely curving mountain passes, waterfalls and mystical views.

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This little nation is a Kingdom run by King Maswati III who is known for his lavish spending. Swaziland is land locked on all sides, and is home to the amicable Swazi People. Here you can drive delightful mountain passes and shop for African curios and artworks

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St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a World Heritage Site, so pronounced so in light of its estuary/lake/marine framework that has lead to environmental discoveries. The town itself is based between the estuary and pristine coastline. We have a rest day here and you can go horse riding, kayaking, snorkeling, whale viewing or simply unwind on the shoreline!

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Oribi Gorge

Oribi Gorge is a stunning canyon that is cut into the Kwazulu Natal landscape. The view from the top is tremendous. Those sufficiently fearless can attempt the chasm swing into the gully over a waterfall

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The Wild Coast

The untouched 300km stretch of the wild coast is a rustic region with an undeveloped shoreline. The territory is comprised of green slopes specked with little Xhosa cottages. There are wonderful dirt roads in the territory with the most mind blowing ocean sees you will ever see.

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Knysna is a delightful little town at the beginning of this well known Garden Route. It is on a lagoon that is shielded from the vast ocean by two extensive “heads”. The highlight of staying in Knysna is obviously the sailing trips on offer and the well known Knysna Oysters.

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The Garden Route

The Garden Route is acclaimed for its lovely view and perpetual mountains. We for the most part do a day voyage through the garden route that incorporates riding both the Outeniqua pass and the Swartberg pass. We stop off at a neighborhood ostrich ranch in Oudtshoorn where you can pet and ride ostriches. Another highlight is a visit to the Cango Caves.

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Cape Town

One of the best motorcycling destinations in South Africa, Cape Town has beautiful mountains, Table Mountain and the 12 Apostles, as well as beautiful coastal roads and Cape Point. Which is the most South Westerly Point in Africa.

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The Cape Winelands

The Cape winelands are wonderful to drive through. Set in lovely mountain passes, the valleys are brimming with vibrant vineyards.South African wine is World Class which we owe to the pilgrims who originated from France in 1820 carrying their vines with them. Today the Cape wine district is prospering.

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